Getting Started:

  1. Choose from our selection of Seasonal Lineup Holds or One-Of-A-Kind Holds.
  2. All of the hardware to install your new holds will be provided, accompanied by an install guide.
  3. Pick your problem and set a route. 
  4. Climb.


Do you sell to businesses?

Yes, if you are a business and looking to purchase our products, please reach out to us at fisherclimbing@gmail.com with all inquiries.

Do you ship internationally? (outside of Canada)

Yes, we can currently ship to USA and European customers. (if you are not in these areas and would like to purchase, please contact us at fisherclimbing@gmail.com)


What kind of wood do you use?

Poplar Hardwood (Yellow Poplar - Liriodendron Tulipifera)




Will my holds look the same as in the pictures?

The dimensions and shape of your holds will be the same as pictured (they are shaped by hand so there may be slight variation), however due to the nature of the material the grain and colour of the hold will vary based on what section of the tree the rough board is sawn from and mineral conditions in the soil where it grew. The typically large sapwood has a pale white colour, while the heart wood is a light yellow to dark green when freshly cut, but tends to age to a dark brown colour.  Mineral staining is common in the heart with dark bands of blue, black and purple often present. When this occurs, the wood is often referred to as 'Rainbow Poplar'.


Is the wood you use second-hand/upcycled?

No, our lumber is purchased from a local sawmill.


Why Poplar Hardwood? 

Performance;  Poplar is lightweight, durable and provides a comfortable, smooth, yet grippy texture when paired with climbing chalk.

Sustainability;  Poplar trees grow well and rapidly. Because of its fast growth and easy care, it can be cut down and re-forested immediately.

Eco-friendly;  Poplar climbing products are 100% biodegradable, as compared to traditional resin/urethane holds which are made from by-products of the petrochemical industry – the leading cause of climate change.


Are wooden holds of the same durability as PU holds?

Due to the nature of the material, our solid poplar climbing holds are not as durable as polyurethane holds with regards to hardness and weather resistance but are equally as safe and will not break when installed correctly. Hardwood holds do however offer their own unique characteristics which cant be attained with PU such as the softness and texture which allows for longer training sessions (even with sore hands after a trip to the crag!), the ability to 're-finish' with sandpaper if they get scuffed or damaged and their 100% biodegradability.

Can I use your climbing holds on an outdoor wall?
Yes you can install our holds indoors or outdoors, however we recommend our stained hold options for outdoor use, as it seals the exterior of the hold to prevent weather ingress that could negatively impact the longevity of the hold. We also recommend keeping them out of the sun and to avoid having them get wet,- in the winter, bring them in from outside to prevent expanding and contracting the material which could negatively impact the longevity of the hold. 
Does the colour of the red holds fade over time?
As with all colourants, if left in direct sunlight the dyes in the red holds will begin to fade over time due to UV radiation. If they are inside or are not directly exposed to sunlight the intensity of the colour will last much longer as compared to the latter.
How do I care for/clean my new holds?
To clean our holds we recommend brushing excess chalk off the surface regularly. If the surface becomes caked with chalk or needs to be refinished, we provide a piece of 80, and 120 grit sandpaper for cleaning and adjusting texture. 
Do you offer any sort of discounts for larger orders that isn't a 'Hold Set'?
We offer discounts on larger orders, if you would like to request our home wall bulk pricing list, please send us an email at fisherclimbing@gmail.com

What hardware is included?

Depending on the style of hold, either; 1 SHCS (Socket Head Cap Screw) 3/8 Bolt, Washer and Washer Head Screws for every screw hole, or; 1 Washer Head Screw for every hole required for install.


Why are T-Nuts not included anymore?

Generally when building a climbing wall and installing holds, the T-Nuts are purchased and installed in the building phase and not in the route-setting phase, by the time our holds arrive at a wall there most likely isn't even access to the back of the wall surface to install the aforementioned T-Nuts. 

If you are interested in building a climbing wall and purchasing T-Nuts or other climbing wall related products, head on over to:


You can find them on instagram @theclimbingsupply. They are a Canadian business located in Ontario who offer fantastic service and selection for all of your climbing wall needs.


Why are some holds 3/8 Bolt and some are Screw On only?

Every hold is designed with user safety as our #1 concern, depending on the style of hold- some require the 3/8 Bolt Install and some require Screw-On only. As some climbing walls are not set up with 3/8 Tee-Nuts, we try and make every hold Screw-On compatible, however this is not always feasible due to manufacturing limitations or due to the nature of the hold design. 


The hold I want to buy is Screw On only, can you make it 3/8 Bolt as well?

As outlined in the previous paragraph- if the hold is designed with only screw holes, it is already at its most secure design and does not require a 3/8 Bolt to install safely.


Are there lead times on new orders?

With the launch of the Spring 2021 Lineup, we will only be selling in-stock products and products which are coming into stock within 2 weeks time. 


How long will it take to process and ship my order?

From the time you place your order, it will generally take 5-10 business days to process the order (this allows time for new stock being produced, staining holds, packaging for distribution etc.). After your order has been processed and packaged for distribution, you can expect to see shipping confirmation details.- To limit trips out during COVID-19 we will be bringing packages to the post office on Mondays only.  (contact fisherclimbing@gmail.com if your order is taking longer than aforementioned)


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated by Canada Post in the checkout process. Rates will depend on where you reside, the total weight of the order and the box size required for shipping. 


Will you be selling old lineup holds?

Although there was great popularity among many of the old lineup holds, we will not be producing/selling a vast majority of them this season.


Do you offer warranty on your holds?

Yes, we want to make sure you always have the best user experience while climbing on our products and if there are any issues due to the nature of the material (splits, cracks, de-lamination of the grains or breakages) and the hold hasn't been exposed to weather (getting wet and drying out over and over/freezing and thawing etc.) please contact us at fisherclimbing@gmail.com.


How are you planting trees for every purchase?

For every purchase of our Holds or Merch, a donation is made through OneTreePlanted.org for 1 tree to be planted in the available region closest to your residence. If you would like to make a donation yourself, please visit OneTreePlanted.org 



If you wish to return a product, or if there is an issue with your order, please contact: fisherclimbing@gmail.com