Myriad Moon - Reversible

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Our first lineup of holds from last season brought in climbers from all over Canada, and based on your feedback we had to bring this design back for another season! The Myriad Moon is a fully reversible hold design that offers complete versatility when setting problems, from a well-rounded two-handed jug to a slick sloper/pinch, this hold offers options when it comes to making that next move work. This design also pairs well with a number of other holds (omni-crimp, sloper) to set blockers and force hold positions!


Depth: 2"(50mm)     Width: 2"(50mm)     Length: 16" outer/9" inner (406mm)(228mm)


In-cut/Sloped -25°/+25°

Hardware included:

1 x 2.75" 3/8 SHCS

1 x 3/8 Washer

4 x 2.5" Washer Head Screws