Starting Position Pack

Starting Position Pack

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Set up your kickboard and make your first movements up the wall using our Starting Position Pack. Bundled up and marked down -17%. 

Our Jug Edge model gives a comfortable starting position for first sends, fit for two hands, it provides a deep in-cut at 45 degrees to allow for controlled or dynamic movements up or across the wall.

The Hollow-Point is a hefty first grab that allows for two handed pinch start before making your next move, simply rotate the Hollow-Point for many more starting position options.

Horn Jug is an excellent one handed ergonomic grip for sending dynamic first moves off the kickboard, with a 55 degree deep incut and rounded knob end, it allows for a multitude of grab angles on overhanging walls.

Line your kickboard with the Beehive Micro-Slopers for an intermediate difficulty start for your foot positioning, or set two to start and the other three up the wall for future moves- training precision foot placement for saving energy on your real rock sends.


Included in this set:

1 x Jug Edge

1 x Horn Jug

1 x Hollow-Point

1 x Beehive Micro-Sloper 5 Pack

+ All hardware included for every hold


Total Cost of Individuals: $90.46